If you find yourself thinking, “I’m bored with my wife,” what should you do next?



Are you a husband who is often thinking, “My wife bores me. What can I do to save our marriage?” You’re not alone, though. The truth is that many men eventually reach the point when they feel bored with their wives. However, in this situation, there are solutions to salvage a marriage.

What to Do if You’re a Man and Your Wife Is Boring You


Hearing someone claim that a marriage is intended to become monotonous over time is one of the things I’ve always detested. Or that it’s common for a marriage to grow monotonous or even end in divorce. It doesn’t have to be that way ever, in my opinion. If your wife is boring in your relation, your sense will say i think i hate my wife.

But that doesn’t mean it never happens or that you’ll ever come to the conclusion that my wife is boring. Although it does happen, there are steps you can take to repair the marriage rather than allowing it to suffer from boredom. It’s a good thing that there are certain things you should never do in this situation.

If you’re bored with your wife and marriage, never do these things


So when you see your wife when you get home from work, you don’t feel the same enthusiasm you once had. Maybe you already know that there will be conflict and a brawl. It can feel like passing your sister inside the house because you’re not feeling anything. Or perhaps you’ve just given up since you realize there won’t even be any sex and what’s the point?

You might be tempted to take really drastic actions that are ultimately irreversible if you’re feeling this way. The best marriage advise I can give you as a man is to not do something out of boredom right now that will destroy your marriage. The fact is that while your ennui will eventually pass, your actions are unlikely to.

Don’t cheat on your wife out of boredom, despite the fact that it may seem obvious. Don’t even place yourself in a situation where cheating would be a possibility. Avoid making advances at female coworkers or flirting with waitresses. The fact is that you’re just as responsible for maintaining the marriage as she is… and you’re probably doing a lot of things that aren’t helping the issue. Many men will attempt to excuse these behaviors and actually blame their wife for their boredom.

Don’t go around telling others that your marriage is boring either. Even if you aren’t even considering cheating or having an affair outside of the marriage, your wife will assume that if she hears about this. That will only lead to a great deal more conflict in the marriage. The marriage relation will be at divorce if you feel i think i hate my wife.

It follows that you shouldn’t inform her either, which goes without saying. Once more, she will immediately assume that you want to play around and remove your rocks. You must be very careful with what you do if you feel your wife or marriage is boring you since you don’t want to endanger your marriage.

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