Mobile Marketing: Definition, How It Works, and Examples

Also, the tracking of an individual’s locations and movements may be considered crossing the line by some. Customers can also be reached in real-time with mobile marketing no matter where they are. Radio or television marketing only works when a customer is in front of the television or has the radio on. There are a variety of options to choose from for any budget and the impact it can have when compared to the cost is significant. In a common comparison, social media ads are much cheaper than purchasing ad space for radio or television. A results-driven performance marketing agency specialising in app marketing to drive growth, stickiness, and retention.


Easily store and manage contacts and phone numbers, with mobile keywords dividing campaigns and contact lists. We’ll highlight six mobile marketing solutions that can streamline your efforts to engage customers and prospects and reap the benefits of mobile marketing for your business. Turning your quality leads into sales is the ultimate goal in every digital marketing strategy. See how Mobile Marketing creates unmatched conversion paths that deliver for your business.

The benefits of a Mobile Marketing

Digital engagement is about all nurturing a relationship with your potential customer that results in a sale and even repeat business. It’s a passion that fuels our desire for innovation and creative excellence. ASA are the cutting edge, challenging each other at every step to further your business through engaging digital experiences.

Percentage of marketers that reported an increase in sales after utilizing location data to increase ad campaign effectiveness. Mobile marketing is a way in which technology can be used to create personalized promotion of goods or services to a user who is constantly connected to a network. Offers one platform for both publishers and advertisers looking to acquire and expand new and existing users, while increasing engagement. And since the value of digital transactions is expected to grow by over 10% in the next 5 years, marketers are using loyalty schemes, content promotions and personalised offers to encourage ongoing use. And brands that use more than three channels outperform single-channel campaigns by almost 500%. With many disparate elements of mobile marketing, though, fragmentation is common.

Mobile marketing is important because mobile phones are a very important device in many people’s lives. Mobile marketing makes businesses succeed faster than older forms of marketing simply due to the frequent use. If you are not marketing on mobile, some say you may as well not be marketing at all.

Since we live in the age of instant-everything, why not take advantage of this through mobile marketing? Mobile devices provide timely communication with your target audience, using brevity, spontaneity, and an informal tone. In order to stay relevant, your company needs to be where your consumers are going. We can help you with a mobile marketing strategy that translates across every device.

These can include ads placed on social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, or pop-up ads on browsers. In order to do this, they must evaluate all potential channels for engaging with their target users, and focus on building marketing campaigns that connect with their customers intuitively. One of the pillars of any successful marketing strategy ismeeting the customer where they’re at. In today’s digital world, mobile devices are where most prospective customers can be found, which means traditional marketing strategies have had to evolve to meet the needs and preferences of a mobile audience. However, not every marketing solution has the mobile marketing tools a company might need.

You may also hire influencers or ambassadors to spread the good word about your business. Zipwhip, a texting-for-businesses application for two-way text between a company and its customers, was acquired by Twilio, and discontinued. Visit the Vibes website to get started with this company’s mobile engagement tools. Ads integrated by search engines such as Google ads platform allow to show customised mobile search ads .These are displayed on searches and could have integrated call buttons and maps.

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