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For example, HP 414A is the original toner produced by HP printer manufacturer. If 代用墨盒 want your printer to deliver the best text and image quality, use the highest quality toner. The main difference between laser printers and inkjet printers is the method of printing.

Printer Toner

In any event that our cartridges fail to perform, we have tech support, replacement and refund options for customers. Just give us a call or send us an email or message, we will make you a satisfied customer again. Consumers have a couple of options when it comes to buying replacement cartridges.

Their IT experts take a holistic approach and provide a right-sized plan with a tailored strategy, robust security, best-in-class solutions and unrivaled support. Our premium toners have low prices, you can save even more with additional discounts when you order two or more items in a single purchase, or by ordering combo packs. There is a set of icons for print shop and related tools in the style of Clip art. Color copier toner cyan magenta yellow, black isolated on Color… Wireless printing Go wireless in your home office and print from anywhere – it’s easy to set up. Original Canon consumables are better by design – to ensure the reliability, quality and value you expect from your Canon printer.

Toner Gets (Electrostatically) Charged Up

It may not seem like it when you’re buying OEM cartridges, but toner really is a better bargain than ink. You’ll be able to print far more pages, at a much lower cost-per-page, with a toner cartridge than with an ink cartridge. They may look the same as brand-name cartridges but they’re not. The toner inside isn’t the same quality as the patented formulas used in OEM cartridges.


Prints made with fade-resistant inks maintain their vibrant, crisp color for longer, suitable for photographs and reproductions of colorful artworks. Original ink and toner products are made by the original equipment manufacturer for their printers to keep them running smoothly and reliably. Opt for cartridges with accurate inbuilt level alerts and notifications built-in to prevent running out of ink in the middle of print sessions.


Refilled cartridges may also leak and damage your printer or copier. Checking and changing the printer equipment cartridges tone of laser jet multi function printer in the office. By contrast, toner, which is used in laser printers, is made up of a dry powder.

A study at the University of Rostock has found that the microscopic particles in toner are carcinogenic, similar to asbestos. Several technicians who had been working with printers and copiers on a daily basis were observed for several years. Because of this and the small particle size, toner should not be vacuumed with a conventional home vacuum cleaner.

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